Who are we?

We care about our communities and tell the stories that matter - we are NowCities. We work together every single day to bring you, the readers, the information and knowledge that you need. How do we do that? Every day we are connected and committed to finding out what is going on in our communities, around the country and around the world to keep you in the know. But, we are a little different. We speak through a soft, positive voice. That is our brand!

We want to be that friend that you can talk to about anything, and for the conversations that we have with you to be informative, engaging and with purpose. We want to be that friend that you expect to see out at an event, the friend you can rely on to give you tips and tricks or the lowdown on a new restaurant in town. The friend you can trust to provide honest and relatable news.


KelownaNow is the fastest growing media platform in the central Okanagan. The Now family originated here in Kelowna in 2014, setting the standard for our other platforms of being an active member of our community and providing our readers with The Stuff that Matters

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KamloopsBCNow is your source for everything Kamloops. Featuring news, sports, events, contests, and awesome content from local columnists, this platform has something for everyone. Launching in 2016, KamloopsBCNow is a trusted media platform, and pride themselves on keeping their locals up-to-date on the Stuff that Matters in Kamloops.

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New to the family as of 2017, comes the strong force of PrinceGeorgeNow growing quickly into one of the largest digital media platforms of Northern B.C. You can rely on them to provide relevant news, events, wicked contests and great content from local contributors. They are really giving Prince George residents the Stuff that Matters.

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PentictonNow is the newest member of the family, and we have big plans for our platform in this small, tight-knit community. You’ll see us out at events, featuring local restaurants and services, and of course providing local and up-to-date news, weather, contesting and content that matters.

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We decided to spread out to the west coast to get involved in the booming and vibrant community that Victoria has to offer. We are slowly growing our following and getting a variety of great content on the social channels and VictoriaNow website. 

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